Crown Coral Energy

Regulatory Advisory

What to Expect

Our Regulatory Advisory services are designed to help clients navigate the complex regulatory landscape of the oil and gas industry. 

We provide expert guidance helping you make informed decisions and mitigate risks. 

Regulatory Compliance Support

We help you develop, maintain, and populate an enterprise compliance solution for country or worldwide operations. This allows you to gain a competitive advantage, access immediate answers to regulatory questions, reduce risk, and manage information throughout the lifecycle of a petroleum investment.

Fiscal Benchmarking

We provide assessments and in-depth analysis of oil and gas fiscal systems and regimes against peer groups. We also develop composite indexes comparing fiscal systems to measure profitability, revenue risk, and stability.

Regulations and Standards

We assist in exploring the legal framework when developing legislation and regulations to encourage investment and development strategies, as well as strengthen regulation competencies that comply with international best practices.

Let’s chart the path forward in the oil and gas industry across Africa together.